Beat it on the Beat

Next Griddle, bittesehr..

Fast Shot — at first.. then I tried to emulate the emt-250 reverb-sound — didn’t quite succeed, but it was a lot of fun checking out this classic reverberation-device :-)..

Now, you’re listening to a mix of the cell-phone-audio and a one-shot recording plus the reverb.. kept both tracks quite audible..

You see what my mouth would capture if it was an eye.. eh.. held the cellphone with my teeth 🙂

Simple Groove — at first.. then you realize how much ‘Ndugu’ there is inside of it,

So much fun playing through all of the song.
Here you have some of my first 4 bars..
Hope you’re having fun watching/listening..
Last times griddle was ’50 ways to leave your lover’ by Paul Simon, of course 🙂

Ach ja.. In the end that’s NOT a middle-finger, although I believe it is my middle-finger..


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