The Purple Particle also waltzes

This is the first snippet continuing my ‘I concentrate on You’-journey.

Right now I am so happy about this unpleasant winter, I probably would not have picked this amazing piece of music..

I am completely hooked on the ‘Charles Ives mixed tempos’-idea these days..

.. so have fun listening to this 106bpm/153bpm mashUp..

the footwork is from Max Roach’s ‘The Drum also waltzes’.. what a great solo..

The vocal sound was inspired by this little guy by the way.

Owyn, how is this for a start? I think, there are some layers missing, but.. it’s only the beginning of this journey…

and how tall is he anyways? I’ve come to think he’s a guy 🙂


ah and.. Nobody drowning here.. I just liked the face that shows up if you cut the Hockney piece this way 🙂 ≈≈coikoy


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