How I figured out that I liked ‘dark’ – the next lyrics-video..


Wow, I am happy, I wouldn’t have thought that I could manage to get my next lyrics-video to happen this week,

first some traveling, then some pretty upset stomach,

but somehow everything turned out nicely..

and everything is in there ready for you to listen to..

I decided to explore Berlin in a different way in the next few weeks..

through fountains..

There are almost 300 in the city and it’s fun to re-experience some ‘old roads’..

Plus I love water, and I really connect to the stillness and fluidity combined..

Well, I believe I have my lyrics-video-theme for the next weeks.. 🙂

You can find these eyes on Henriettenplatz, near Ku’damm, it’s called the Gorgo-Fountain (Medusenbrunnen).

The groove is a spin-off of Poinciana, an Ahmad Jamal-classic,

I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this song/groove..

Click here to get to one of my favourite versions

The brushes in the end were played by great-drummer-friend-of-mine Holger Nesweda,

we started working on some Drums/Suitcase-tracks, then got carried to different places.. as usual

His beautiful licks have finally found a (first) home

I will continue the track with a sequenced-drum-solo, I think I will have a lot of fun next week,

and thanks Holger for letting me use our recordings..

love that.. enjoy.. ah,

about darkness.. I found myself

pointing in a direction of how the music should be experienced in the last posts, and I didn’t like that,

..But.. I wanted to give this song a different spin..

The music/lyrics to me is/are telling the story of  ‘the impossibility of connecting to the fullest’

rather than ‘being freshly in love and dreaming’

So I produced a darker version, but loved doing it 🙂

enjoy ≈≈coikoy.


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