pssst!..Love for Sale..prepared to pay the price?

Hello Everybody..coikoyssst!_web finished working on my song of the week.. Love for Sale.. tadah..  ehm..

This may be the song that I produced the most versions of to date, never being really satisfied with the results..

This week I believe I may have gotten somewhere 🙂

A bit of sweet harp-toy-piano-sound mixed with a ploppy but deep down blurry, washed bass..

The vocals sound quite a bit of ‘rejected goods’… the best I could come up with so far.. YES!!

The Video is a combination of paintings of the Danae/Zeus-story (the one with the shower)

and a shot standing at the entrance of a well-known Berlin café-bar-bordello called ‘pssst!’..

The owner had a huge impact on the process of legalizing prostitution in germany,

being a job nowadays, social insurance included.. thought I wanted to have this in my video somehow..

I had a lot of fun with everything, looking up/shooting the photos and recording the music was

fun all around.. There will be no ‘long’ version this time, I think the track says all I am trying to deliver..

enjoy ≈≈coikoy..


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