The Birth of The Sheep


Friends already, he’s allowed to sit next to her while chewing on one of her beloved ‘Ochsenziemer’..

..that’s Deep.. eh.. Sheep.

This little guy here inspired me to get into a new project with him.. Well, actually it was a friend of ours who provided ears and inspiration :-).. After serenading for hours on how miserable my life has been all my life, Mr. Little Big Eye came up with the idea of starting a Sheep-Mouse-project together… this would help and keep him from having to listen to me wine any further..

After convincing him that at least the second word should somehow be House, I agreed.. He’s right, I’m feeling better already.. Grete provided a nice ‘jump over suitcase & scratch-Hop’.. we’ve started working on some basic moves this morning..

He also wants to be the singer, says it has something to do with the color of his cloth.. I’m excited.. no.. miserable… excited..Sheep!

≈≈enjoy The Birth of (The) Sheep.. .


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